2021-22 School Year Schedule/Registration

We are here because of you! Now, let’s DANCE!!
Thank you for your support and PATIENCE as we navigate changes over the last 18 months. Here is the link for our new school year options: https://app.thestudiodirector.com/coremovement/portal.sd
if you prefer, here’s a pdf version.  Please note, the portal link above will always be the most up to date! 
1) Log in or create your student profile
2) You will see drop down menus for the different schedules available for registration, choose “2021-22 School Year”
3) Enroll in the classes that fit your families needs, then Jaclyn gets an email and she will CONFIRM details (level, payment preferences, etc). SPACE IS LIMITED
4) Ask us questions! We have open communication between our office and our families. If you have a question (or feedback), just call:)
  • Please view our PRICING, Policies and Payment info as well as Student Code of Conduct HERE.
    Your online registration submission confirms your agreement to our policies and payment info.  PLEASE READ IT- once you enroll, you are responsible for the policies including but not limited to payments, discipline and dress code.  Upon registration to any adult or child’s classes, you assume all risks associated with participation.  READ THE POLICIES.
  • **If you experience any difficulty with the online form, please CALL our main office, 856-778-5955. Be sure to leave your name and phone number so we may call you back


*You may continue to enroll in 2021-22 school year classes until we close registration in early winter or when a class meets it’s max capacity.  The link will stay open and classes will be updated for status.

By completing this online registration process, you agree to all terms and conditions related to personal safety, payment schedule and fees and general administration and protection of your information.

*Your first tuition installment is non refundable once paid, regardless of the reason or date of dropped class 
*All credit card transactions will incur a 3% transaction fee 
*All details will be confirmed by our staff upon receipt

For additional registration info, please call our main office, 856-778-5955