Welcome to Our Studio


CORE exists to provide

A thorough foundation in dance through our classes, training workshops and performance opportunities

A core curriculum for recreational movers seeking FUN and exercise,

A professional curriculum  for those aspiring to pursue a career in dance or movement disciplines,

A Professional faculty, with expertise across a range of dance disciplines with accomplished performance and educating experience

Our Mission

Our Mission is to increase the knowledge and appreciation of dance among the general public. We strongly believe that introducing the arts to people at an early age enriches their lives and accomplishes two worthy goals:

 It provides them with an important learning tool that they can use now and

 It develops an appetite for culture that encourages them to attend arts events well into adulthoodOur dancers have gone on to study in University setting such as Fordham, Hofstra, NYU, Montclair, UArts, Ohio State and more. Our most advanced dancers are studying and performing with Atlantic City Ballet, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, and more.

Studies by the National Endowment for the Arts have shown that performance arts:
  • Make a tremendous impact on the development of every child
  • Encourage reflection and higher level thinking
  • Stimulate imagination and creativity
  • Enhance informed perception, problem-solving, self-esteem and self discipline
  • Nurture the values of team-building and cultural diversity
  • Help to increase academic performance and reduce delinquency enhance literacy
All are obtained in a professional, fun and positive environment with quality flooring and equipment.  You, nor your children, will ever be taught by a teenager or one without professional degrees or commensurate skills